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International Famous Stores Get Together” in the “Home Plaza” furniture mall, located in Gaoxin Street in the Xi’an city, 60,000 square meters that offer their consumers trends for the urban elite, and defenders of luxury.

Inside the “Meisheng” store, brands that are exhibited include the avant-garde furniture brand “VONDOM”, “Dornbracht” shower taps, “Hotspring” SPA´s , “Endless Pools” swimming pools, “Alpha” saunas, “Viega” pipe systems and “Gira” switch control systems. Their ideal is “to promote beautiful life by creating high quality homes” introducing a new lifestyle concept to the province of Shan Xi.

This is how the expansion of Vondom in China is being reaffirmed, in this new space of the Spanish firm, is now available for lovers of design and luxury in the city of the famous warriors of the Qin Dynasty.

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Details Celebrates 10th Aniversary

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Details’ journey has been one of dedication and perseverance since its creation in 2008. The manufacturers we represent provide a modern and reliable furnishing solution for a variety of public & private sector settings. Ten years on, we have now grown to be part of numerous achievements in the Middle East, South Asia and parts of North Africa. This has been accomplished by working with great partners, both locally & abroad, to represent internationally recognized brands of quality and contemporary design.

Details today promotes and develops business for

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and more, which are some of the world’s most innovative names in the furniture industry. We built trust between us and these manufacturers who have set a strong and solid foot in their respective field. Our business model is built on being the bridge that connects our clients to these manufacturers and is based on a strong customer service approach. Our role is to introduce and promote the brands in the local market and connect the manufacturers with local dealers and reliable resellers, introduce the brands through existing interior design networks in their respective regions and assist the designers in selecting and specifying the brands in their projects.Our completed projects can be found in a variety of different market segments and the brands we represent can be seen in the hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, corporate offices, ministries, museums, financial institutions and private homes of the Middles East, South Asia and North Africa.We have recently diversified our business to ensure a good mix of non-competitive products. We have introduced brands suitable for the Horeca segment as well as for the retail market such as

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Thank you to everyone who has been part of this challenging and rewarding journey; my family, my team, past and present colleagues, the great companies we work with and their respective teams, regional partners & collaborators – without all of you, we would not be where we are today.“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”

Modern Furniture – The Italian Design

Italian Modern Furniture

Cattelan Italia has become symbol of a lifestyle and a world leader for the Made in Italy furniture.

Details Trading is very proud to showcase the largest selection of Cattelan Italia Dining table, sideboards, Mirrors providing you with some options of platform beds, coffee tables, chaise lounge and other contemporary furniture to complete the full interior design concept for your Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Corporate Offices & Homes.

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Lighting is the first impression a restaurant makes. One of the most important features of restaurant design is lighting. Lighting in your restaurant can add to the ambiance of your dining. When we walk in the door, or even while scrolling for dinner options online (perhaps planning a romantic dinner. Different lighting levels can be used in order to set the mood of your restaurant or bar. This means that customers can either be drawn into your establishment or put off by it simply because of your lighting choices.

The Horeca industry is a hugely varied area and require a large variety of light sources to make the lighting work effectively. In consideration with the customers lighting needs restaurants and hotels must also ensure that premises stand out from the crowd. So there is a need for massive collection of lighting today to ensure your hotels, restaurant or bar is different from the next.

Foscarini designs with an independence from any production constraints, which translates into freedom of ideas.
The company’s 35 years of collaborations with international designers and mastery of lighting resulted in a long list of design icons integrated into domestic or collective environments globally. One constant through our history has been our rigor and passion for each project.

Listing bellow few Projects of Foscarini, Helps in deciding how to light your establishment.

Restaurant Lighting Qatar Horeca Light Fixers UAE
Allegro @ British Airways Langue

Gatwick Airport, UK

Caboche@ Hotel Hioptels

Cabiz, Spain

Twiggy Lighting - Bahrain Light Furniture Saudi Arabia
Twiggy @ Hotel Olivia Blames

Barcelona, Spain

Twiggy @ Hotel Havana

Barcelona, Spain

Hotels Modern Lighting Italian Lighting Company Egypt
Caboche @ Restaurant Garibaldi


Allegro @ Restaurant Taizu

Tel Avv, Israel

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The W hotel in Shanghai is located in the “Bund” area, from where it is possible to see all of Pudong´s skyscrapers. On the terrace, where is the Wetbar, there are the avant-garde furniture of Vondom.


hospitality design furniture barstool Qatar
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These are splendid surroundings, and impressive project were red is the predominant color. We placed our designs in the Wetbar, located on the terrace, stools from our Brooklyn collection by Eugeni Quitllet , Moma tables by Javier Mariscal, Adan tables by Teresa Sapey, sofas and armchairs from our Sabinas collection by Javier Mariscal and decorative elements such as our BumBum and Rosinante.

outdoor design tables adan teresasapey vondom 3

Shanghai, China

Key to Vondom´s success is the fact that it originates its own exclusive designs in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, including Javier Mariscal, Ramón Esteve, JM Ferrero, Karim Rashid and Stefano Giovannoni, the Italian designer closely associated with Alessi.

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HORECA Italian Furniture

At Details, we offer a large selection of commercial seating and products for many different project types related but not limited to the hospitality industry.

We suggest solutions for various project type that a client or an interior designer is looking for. We understand the needs of every project whether it is a Hotel, a restaurant or other hospitality project.

Our brands are specialized in the contract furniture industry manufacturing and we can provide you with the seating, tables, planters, lighting and flooring for such projects.

We source and supply furniture based on the client selection and we finalize finishes based on each project requirements for indoor and outdoor use.

Our aim is to assist our clients create the right environment for their projects and within their budget.

Our product range is suitable for cafés, restaurants, pubs, private clubs, nightclubs, bars, terraces, pool areas, food courts, Office break-out areas and similar leisure and business sectors.

We have offices in Bahrain and Dubai from which we offer our clients, retailers, dealers and trade partners the necessary support and service.

Our collection of international brands includes but not limited to: Moroso, Vondom, Maxdesign, Colos, Metalmobil, Extremis, Cattelan Italia, Foscarini.


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Quartz folding chairs by Vondom


by Ramón Esteve


The Quartz collection is characterized by its orthogonal geometry and triangular shaped profiles.Due to the line of one of its vertexes this piece
appears extremely light. Inspired by the Quartz Stone and it´s properties such as it´s hardness and strength, in addition to the distintive finish of it´s shapes.
Our chairs have clean cut lines and geometric lightness that blend totally in any environment. Primarily, the Quartz collection stands out for its quest for neutrality and its timeless design.

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Collection Quartz

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QUARTZ CHAIR with arms
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At Vondom we research and innovate to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Our production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A knowhow that we share at workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events.

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