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At Details, we offer a large selection of commercial seating and products for many different project types related but not limited to the hospitality industry.

We suggest solutions for various project type that a client or an interior designer is looking for. We understand the needs of every project whether it is a Hotel, a restaurant or other hospitality project.

Our brands are specialized in the contract furniture industry manufacturing and we can provide you with the seating, tables, planters, lighting and flooring for such projects.

We source and supply furniture based on the client selection and we finalize finishes based on each project requirements for indoor and outdoor use.

Our aim is to assist our clients create the right environment for their projects and within their budget.

Our product range is suitable for cafés, restaurants, pubs, private clubs, nightclubs, bars, terraces, pool areas, food courts, Office break-out areas and similar leisure and business sectors.

We have offices in Bahrain and Dubai from which we offer our clients, retailers, dealers and trade partners the necessary support and service.

Our collection of international brands includes but not limited to: Moroso, Vondom, Maxdesign, Colos, Metalmobil, Extremis, Cattelan Italia, Foscarini.


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Quartz folding chairs by Vondom


by Ramón Esteve


The Quartz collection is characterized by its orthogonal geometry and triangular shaped profiles.Due to the line of one of its vertexes this piece
appears extremely light. Inspired by the Quartz Stone and it´s properties such as it´s hardness and strength, in addition to the distintive finish of it´s shapes.
Our chairs have clean cut lines and geometric lightness that blend totally in any environment. Primarily, the Quartz collection stands out for its quest for neutrality and its timeless design.

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Collection Quartz

Ref: 54194

QUARTZ CHAIR with arms
Ref: 54195

Ref: 54197

Ref: 54203

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Ref: 54205

Ref: 54206
At Vondom we research and innovate to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Our production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A knowhow that we share at workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events.

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Tuareg | Foscarini


Tuareg is chaos turned order, non-traditional geometry echoing a work of land art: a three dimensional composition of aluminium tubes creating a spectacularly powerfully graphic effect. LED light sources have been incorporated into the extremities of three of these elements which can be switched on and off separately and adjusted 350 degrees. A formal totem-like presence highlighted by the expressive power of the lamp’s two colour variants: bright orange and black chrome. Like a sculptural decoration, Tuareg is the ideal centrepiece for an important reception space.



Varnished aluminium and polycarbonate



black, orange

tuareg-floor3 tuareg-floor4 tuareg-floor5 ca7fb3cf292158cc9b58e8dcd9fb4d20 e18de4e4b54eb0858193f09a4f46a7f5


Vondom has recently launched a new contract line ; all the products of this collection are made of injection molding .

The collection includes : CHAIRS ; BAR STOOLS ; LOUNGE CHAIRS ; SOFAS & TABLES

Here the link to download the catalog:






Untitled picture2

Untitled picture3

Untitled picture4

Mite LED: design and technological research | Foscarini

Mite LED: design and technological research
m1     Veritable design icon by Marc Sadler, our Mite lamp is now multiplying its light attractions in the new LED version. The result: energy efficiency and new light experiences in a single product.
An innovative story
m4                           And if what you’re looking for doesn’t exist? Invent it! For the first time in lighting history a lamp has been made with the technology used for golf clubs. And so Mite was born in 2000. Marc Sadler tells us about the history of a product which is  a symbol of innovation. Watch the video.
Mite: Compasso d’Oro around the world
m2     Mite won the ADI Compasso d’Oro, the oldest and most important international design award, in 2001 for its use of an innovative material, a hard wearing, lightweight blend of fibreglass and carbon or Kevlar thread. And with it Mite entered the award’s historic collection which is currently on show in Guhzen in China in the Lights of Compasso d’Oro exhibition.
Light sculpture
m3      The Mite project is so versatile that Foscarini has been able to create a whole family of lamps including giant light sculptures which have been exhibited all over the world.4832


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Windsor Dream bed | Arketipo

Untitled picture2Windsor Dream bed
Design: Mauro Lipparini
Brand : Arketipo firenze

Available at Details Trading W.L.L (ديكور و أثاث عالمي)

For orders and inquiries in the Middle East , contact us : Tel +973 17 593616 E: info@details.bh .

SKORPIO ROUND table | Cattelan Italia spa



Design: Andrea Lucatello
Brand : Cattelan Italia spa

Available at Details Trading W.L.L (ديكور و أثاث عالمي)

For orders and inquiries in the Middle East , contact us : Tel +973 17 593616 E: info@details.bh