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At Details, we offer a large selection of commercial seating and products for many different project types related but not limited to the hospitality industry.

We suggest solutions for various project type that a client or an interior designer is looking for. We understand the needs of every project whether it is a Hotel, a restaurant or other hospitality project.

Our brands are specialized in the contract furniture industry manufacturing and we can provide you with the seating, tables, planters, lighting and flooring for such projects.

We source and supply furniture based on the client selection and we finalize finishes based on each project requirements for indoor and outdoor use.

Our aim is to assist our clients create the right environment for their projects and within their budget.

Our product range is suitable for cafés, restaurants, pubs, private clubs, nightclubs, bars, terraces, pool areas, food courts, Office break-out areas and similar leisure and business sectors.

We have offices in Bahrain and Dubai from which we offer our clients, retailers, dealers and trade partners the necessary support and service.

Our collection of international brands includes but not limited to: Moroso, Vondom, Maxdesign, Colos, Metalmobil, Extremis, Cattelan Italia, Foscarini.


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Quartz folding chairs by Vondom


by Ramón Esteve


The Quartz collection is characterized by its orthogonal geometry and triangular shaped profiles.Due to the line of one of its vertexes this piece
appears extremely light. Inspired by the Quartz Stone and it´s properties such as it´s hardness and strength, in addition to the distintive finish of it´s shapes.
Our chairs have clean cut lines and geometric lightness that blend totally in any environment. Primarily, the Quartz collection stands out for its quest for neutrality and its timeless design.

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Collection Quartz

Ref: 54194

QUARTZ CHAIR with arms
Ref: 54195

Ref: 54197

Ref: 54203

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Ref: 54206
At Vondom we research and innovate to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Our production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A knowhow that we share at workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events.

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FOSCARINI & JAMES WINES / SITE ‘The Light Bulb Series’ April 12, 2018

Foscarini – The Light Bulb Series

Light Lamps

The “REVERSE ROOM” installation presented at Foscarini Brera Space during Milano Design Week 2018 introduces the collection entitled ‘The Light Bulb Series’ by James Wines / SITE.

“The Light Bulb Series” is a designer art-house collection – consisting of a limited and numbered edition of pieces – based on a reflection of the light bulb as an archetype, with its typical bulb-like shape, produced in a series of surprising provocations. James Wines translates this reflection with explorations that revolve around the principal themes that have always guided his architectural research. These are inversion, dissolution, nature, all those statuses of “architectural flaw” which make it possible to rethink reality, giving it shape and then at the same time breaking down its boundaries.
Wines’s light bulbs are in turn melted, broken, inverted, turned black, and invaded by nature. A propensity towards experimentation, doing better but also doing differently, which has always animated Foscarini as well.
The “Reverse Room” installation is designed by the very same James Wines together with his daughter Suzan Wines, and it is devised to emphasise the surreal quality of these experimentations: in a dark-walled room, upside down and slanted, with monochrome tables and chairs, the table lamps blink down from the ceiling, whereas the suspension lamps peep out from the floor.
It is an invitation to think of a world, of design and therefore of what is possible, where it is always imaginable to shed light differently.


Moroso | Metamorfosi – Moroso collections, from design to visual arts

83fd6e86a8efddcfafb6c2becdd56d0d_dd4fc7f6fb627d06a91d34f75b24eb24Curated by Andrea Bruciati, Patrizia Moroso and Marco Viola, was inaugurated with great success in Casa Cavazzini, Udine, on Friday 5 October. The exhibition will stay open until 7 January 2013.

The installation sets the seal on a year’s work. It was devised to celebrate Moroso’s 60th anniversary and shows the “behind the scenes” of many products, revealing the secrets of their creative and design processes. “A stroll through time; a view, from a different angle, of what has been done and what could have been done. A story of ideas, prototypes, variants, variations, hybrids, cross-fertilisations, interpretations of art, mistakes,” says Patrizia Moroso, the company’s art director and a leading player, together with her brother, Roberto, in the transformative process that started in the Eighties and drove the company to become a leader of the haute couture of international design.


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Café Kafka | Barcelona

Café Kafka is located in a neighborhood in Barcelona (Spain) that is often compared to Soho in New York or Le Marais in Paris. The stylish and bohemian atmosphere attracts a diverse clientele: from young travellers to urban gourmets of all ages.  Charismatic vintage furniture characterizes the interior, as well as retro decoration items, thus this creative place totally lives up to its literary eponym.  Find other architecture related content at www.stylepark.com/en/architecture/start