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The W hotel in Shanghai is located in the “Bund” area, from where it is possible to see all of Pudong´s skyscrapers. On the terrace, where is the Wetbar, there are the avant-garde furniture of Vondom.


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outdoor design furniture sofas armchairs tables Oman

These are splendid surroundings, and impressive project were red is the predominant color. We placed our designs in the Wetbar, located on the terrace, stools from our Brooklyn collection by Eugeni Quitllet , Moma tables by Javier Mariscal, Adan tables by Teresa Sapey, sofas and armchairs from our Sabinas collection by Javier Mariscal and decorative elements such as our BumBum and Rosinante.

outdoor design tables adan teresasapey vondom 3

Shanghai, China

Key to Vondom´s success is the fact that it originates its own exclusive designs in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, including Javier Mariscal, Ramón Esteve, JM Ferrero, Karim Rashid and Stefano Giovannoni, the Italian designer closely associated with Alessi.

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