ARKETIPO Firenze defines its style on the wave of an emotion that starts with
Dreams and tries to obtain amazing results, always looking ahead and focusing on the changes in home living.

Different materials provide new geometries, dynamic surfaces and multifaceted shapes like diamonds. It is an interpretation of style that gives a futuristic and high – tech feel to a variety of striking forms.

Textures and shades of color become a language made up of new words and endless details. As a starting point for its evolution, ARKETIPO Firenze reinterprets leather working with leather inserts, aquamarine and pink, matt colors. And, in addition, fabrics, and weft threads that open up to harmonious and exclusive nuances.

A palette of materials forms the meeting point among pure aesthetics, fashion and art.

The result is a symbol of energy and personality, both watchwords for defining a brand
that looks to new pathways in design, through a cycle full of vitality. Arketipo continues its cooperation with designers such as Gino Carollo, Leonardo Dainelli,Mauro Lipparini and Giuseppe Viganò during the Salone del Mobile di Milano.

The Location: cement and marble effects mark the essence of a highly simple space and lights that add value. Black and White images in different sizes. A range of elements come together, adding nothing more to the magic already evoked by them narrative power, and bearing witness to the aesthetic, design and emotional research that unifies the creative face of ARKETIPO Firenze with infinity. With the universe.




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