Cattelan Italia – The Salone del Mobile Edition 2018

Coco Chanel

An image so strong that imposes itself on a multitude of visual stimulus, becoming something to be imitated. An important story, the essential value of knowing the soul of the matter, the forms and their mutation.
Cattelan Italia is today the symbol of a lifestyle, a worldwide benchmark in the furniture industry.
The Focus of Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the evolution of its design and applied technologies.
The precious bronze finishes are made with manual processes and exclusive techniques that, despite the brushing, give a shine effect. A never-ending study, always in progress, on the concept of plan applied to the tables. The thicknesses increase, while the rounded and radius corners communicate sinuous and tactile elegance.
The rest is all to be discovered. Avant-garde places and thoughts of space, timeless.






























CATTELANITALIA has become a symbol of lifestyle and a worldwide furniture brand of Made in Italy, THANK YOU for supporting us.

The Salone del Mobile Edition 2018 gave us the chance to introduce you the evolution of design and brand new materials combined to create a charming collection where creativity and quality are perfect matched.





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