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Salone Del Mobile 2018

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 Mono Mania Mexico is a textile installation with jacquard fabrics, prints, rugs, tapestries and furnishing designed by Bethan Laura Wood for Moroso.

The interpretation of the magnificent architecture that characterizes windows of the new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City, has led the artist to the development of a series of works referencing the art of embroidery of traditional Otomi fabrics.

The greatest novelty at the Salone del Mobile:

The new masterpiece created by Patricia Urquiola becomes the star of Moroso’s stand at Salone del Mobile 2018. The new Chamfer sofa celebrates twenty years of the Moroso and Patricia Urquiola collaboration.

“Discussing this anniversary with Patrizia, for our twenty-year work anniversary, we decided to work on a simplification of a series of echoes from projects done in the past, linking up for example to Redondo and other sofas which for us represented a sort of ‘cradle’ or nest. We lowered, we geometrized, we produced purer, cleaner lines and this border, this broken edge came out, this Chamfer, a word used often in architecture where, when we join two lines in a curve, we join them in a chamfer”. – Patricia Urquiola

Ron Arad revisits 3Skin:
3Skin Soft
The 3Skin Chair was first made in 3 carbon fibre formed skins and later thin plywood skins bonded together to become two legs, a seat and a back of a dining chair – a hard dining chair.
In the revisited 3Skin, the skins became a bone… a bone to be fleshed and skinned by coloured felt. ” – Ron Arad

Welcome Home to Diesel

The partnership between Moroso and Diesel brought at Fuorisalone a sprawling, welcoming home, where people can take a break from Salone. Another great piece of art that the collaboration between these to brands has given birth to.
At Moroso, we believe that every single one of our product are manufactured with love and care for you, our clients who understands the value of impeccable workmanship.
Showroom & Office:No.17 Palm Square – Road 455 – Block 405 – Budaiya Highway
Budaiya – Bahrain
+ 973 17 590 171
+ 973 17 595 820

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