Moroso | Metamorfosi – Moroso collections, from design to visual arts

83fd6e86a8efddcfafb6c2becdd56d0d_dd4fc7f6fb627d06a91d34f75b24eb24Curated by Andrea Bruciati, Patrizia Moroso and Marco Viola, was inaugurated with great success in Casa Cavazzini, Udine, on Friday 5 October. The exhibition will stay open until 7 January 2013.

The installation sets the seal on a year’s work. It was devised to celebrate Moroso’s 60th anniversary and shows the “behind the scenes” of many products, revealing the secrets of their creative and design processes. “A stroll through time; a view, from a different angle, of what has been done and what could have been done. A story of ideas, prototypes, variants, variations, hybrids, cross-fertilisations, interpretations of art, mistakes,” says Patrizia Moroso, the company’s art director and a leading player, together with her brother, Roberto, in the transformative process that started in the Eighties and drove the company to become a leader of the haute couture of international design.

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