Urban Planning Concept for Lungolago di Como, Italy, 2010; Karim Rashid

“Our intention was to modernize and build on the sense of destination, while highlighting the natural beauty of Lungolago di Como. The addition of a Cultural & Retail Center and revamped Piazza Cavour will create epicenters of activity. An iconic walkway will connect the cultural center and piazza to the re-envisioned lakeside. These landmarks will draw visitors and residents like never before, creating a harmonious link between city, lake and shore. The Lakeside system proposes to connect points along the Lungolago by bike and pedestrian paths. These paths would be delineated by distinct benches, planters, lamp posts, lake balustrades and walkways. The visual language of these amenities takes from the shape of the surrounding mountains and their respective valleys and lakes.” Studio Karim Rashid

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