Details interview with Karmelina Martina

Karmelina Martina was born in Sarajevo. She now lives and works in Udine. She graduated with full honours in industrial design from Florence University in 2001. She studied under Vanni Pasca, Isao Hosoe, Paolo Deganello and other internationally-renowned designers. She has worked in Moroso’s product development department since 2006. She seeks to perfect a design precisely in the border area that separates technical/manufacturing reasoning from symbolic/emotive motivations.

In addition to her product development activities, she also designs jewellery, lamps and private homes.

Below is Details interview with her during Milan fair this year , enjoy !!

Q1 : When you design a piece, what are your sources of inspiration ?

A1 : In Moroso I’m responsible for the Product Development. All day I’m very busy developing Moroso designers’ projects (Nendo, Front, Doshi Levien,…) and I haven’t much time for my own designs.

My sources of inspiration never come from the Design world. My source of inspiration is my life. The things I see and the emotions I feel are often my guide.

Q2 : With your Miss Sarajevo, the cultural inspiration is present, through the name of the piece and the design of the throws. Why was the cultural inspiration so important to you ?

A2 : “Miss Sarajevo” sofa designed for Moroso is very important for me because it’s about my roots, my identity. I started this project after I had lived 17 years in Sarajevo and 17 years in Italy. I wondered which was my identity,  my religion  and my belonging. I wanted to tell the beauty of a country mostly known unfortunately for the war. Miss Sarajevo represents the meeting point of two distant worlds, two geographical and cultural poles (only) apparently contrasting. A “border” sofa absorbs the spontaneous and functional simplicity of the popular tradition and the serial intelligence, the performances and the quality of the materials from industrial design. The cushion cover represents a complementary personality, the possibility of changing, of adapting to times and circumstances.

Q3 : When you design, do you ever have the end user in mind and imagine the kind of spaces you see your designs in ?

A3 :In this moment my creativity is very free because I do it in my free time and only for my soul. Obviously I try to make the sofa, ottoman, bench or armchair with good ergonomics characteristics and industrially feasible. I design the objects that I would like to have in my home and in my life.

Q4 : What are you working on presently ?

A4 : In this moment I work on multiple projects. I never speak in advance about my projects for good luck.

Good luck Karmelina for all your furture projects , wish you all the best .

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