FOSCARINI | Superstudio Più | Milan Design Week 2012

This is the through line of FOSCARINI INSPIRE: the Superstudio Più Foscarini installation chooses the language of film to tell a poetic and evocative story, which came to life on enormous black screens. The concept of the cinema is developed and deconstructed in an imaginary journey through the flow of time and space, to be restored reinvented, multiplied and rigorously fragmented. Images and sounds are broken up and re-composed to recount the creative idea, sensitivity and intuition that lie behind each Foscarini design. Concepts and ideas combine and take shape in an archetypal space where, as if by magic, the most famous and important designs live, in a return to a primordial experience, to the essence of things and the origin of creativity. An exciting journey through time and space that summarises years of design experimentation and inspiration in the Foscarini universe in just a few minutes.

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