Foscarini | PLASS

Take a pearl of ground glass, something simple yet fascinating in its transparency and its veining. Stop to think about the centuries old tradition that produced such a widespread everyday object, beyond fashion and ages. Now multiply its dimensions, imagine it suspended in the air, illuminated by an internal glow that reflects on its engraved surface, creating a woven interplay of light. This is the inspiration behind Plass. Plass (the name is a synthesis of “plastic” and “glass”) interprets the millennia-old artisan tradition of glass making, in the light of a contemporary process and material: rotationally-moulded polycarbonate. Thanks to this technology, which is not yet widely used in the lighting sector, the finishes are not cold and impersonal, but feature slight irregularities, highlighted by the light source, as in handmade glass. The incisions, which in pearls reflect the light from the space, in the Plass lamp reflect the luminosity of the inner bulbs, in a dual confounding of perspectives: from small to large, from outside to inside. The colours chosen for the diffuser — aquamarine and grey — are inspired by Murano glass and Venetian craftsmanship. As well as evoking an atmosphere and an emotion, the colour helps define the shape of the lamp, highlighting the thickness of the incisions on its surface.  Suspended between memory and modernity, Plass characterises large spaces, including high ones, alone or in multiple compositions

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