Foscarini | JAMAICA

How can you turn a neon tube – often perceived as a cold object devoid of any personality – into something poetic, sunny and fun? For instance, you could wrap it up irregularly with tape, to create a multitude of transparencies, overlaps and luminous cuts. A process which recalls the architectural style of Frank O. Gehry, who was able to imprint a sense of joyful concentric movement to majestic buildings, or the installations of Christo, which envelop buildings and landscapes to show things in a different light. In its name and appearance, Jamaica infuses a feeling of warmth, lightness and joie de vivre. A feeling generated by its soft suspended volume, obtained by a sheet of paper covered by a thin layer of polymer, which gives it an appearance and texture similar to parchment, and rolled around a central axis, without enveloping it completely but instead attached at the bottom to the housing of the light source, free to illuminate the underlying surface directly. Unique in its concept, Jamaica contains a double light source: a direct and intense down light, and a soft and diffused light all around it, both of which are concealed from view. Truly unique and versatile, it can be used in the most diverse of settings in terms of size and style: alone, to distinguish a room or a particular situation, in multiple compositions to create significant lighting scenes in larger settings.

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