Foscarini | INSPIRE Teaser

Listen, look, imagine, dream. Water droplets, an eclipse, an explosion, a gust of wind, blades of grass swaying in the breeze, the North Sea in a storm. Atmospheres that reveal the language of objects and their story. Nature is the leitmotiv of FOSCARINI INSPIRE, the moving and involving installation proposed by Foscarini on the SuperstudioPiù premises during Milan Design Week 2012. Fragments of images and sounds are taken apart and put back together to tell via visual and acoustic suggestions the creative idea, the sensitivity, the intuition behind each and every Foscarini project. Immersed in a natural world, visitors are welcomed and guided along a path of discovery by the set design of  Vicente Garcia Jimenez and the video by Massimo Gardone.The frames follow one another in a complete sequence to form a choreography that takes place on large screens and turns into narration, marked by the sounds and noises of nature, where Foscarini’s most famous and significant projects live as if by magic. Concepts and ideas are woven together and take shape in an archetypal setting, in a return to the essence and to the origin of creativity.

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