Vondom | Valencia Fashion Week

Valencia Fashion Week has been celebrated recently, where 30 designers fashion shows have been released. The event took place at Agora in the “City of the Arts & the Sciences” of Valencia last September. The prêt-à-porter collections of the designers through the carpet with a fresh summer air, key tendency for the coming spring-summer season.

Among the trends, fashion and design, VONDOM should be there and was present with the collections like PILLOW by Stefano Giovannoni or FAZ collection by Ramon Esteve, chosen by the well known designer Alex Vidal for furnishing the “Off Zone”.

While the sunset, the “Off Zone” warm welcomed the most creative and suggestive fashion shows. The catwalk fashion above the lake of Agora was reflected the silhouette of the models on the water, and the expectant audience relaxed on our armchairs PILLOW, enjoyed with admiration the new trends for 2012.

During the parade rest, the models relaxed on our furniture like SURF by Karim Rashid or JUT by Studio VONDOM. The tables and chairs of VERTEX collection by Karim Rashid were decorated the exterior space and invited the VIPs guest to enjoy the comfort and unique design

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